Project Summary

Wider objectives

  • To ensure that the targeted Universities in IL, UA, RU can offer new advanced two cycles of competence-based Programmes in Material Engineering in line with the new developments in the area of material sciences, the market demands and according to the Bologna Process.
  • To speed up integration between Higher Educational Institutes and business in target countries.
  • To establish cooperation between EU and target countries in education and research.

Download theĀ project workplan (PDF)

Specific project objectives

  • The main aim is improvement of BA/MA Programmes in Material Engineering according to the needs of the target partner countries IL, RU and UA.
  • Bringing the universities closer to the changing Labour Market and the European Education Area.
  • To update the current curricula in Material Engineering according to the Bologna requirements and the new developments in Engineering
  • To develop, implement and accredit new practice oriented curricula including ECTS
  • Develop innovative academic environment for Material Engineering Programmes
  • To provide lab infrastructure for CAD/CAE and material sciences.

Planned project outputs

According to the specific project objectives the following tangible outputs and intangible outcomes in the frames of development are planned:

  • Review/analyse/upgrade the current curricula in Material Engineering according to recent advances in the target field.
  • Develop ten new core and three transferable curricula inclusive learning environment (materials information technology labs (MITL) and Joint WEB based platform).
  • Retrain academic staff/mentors in new curricula.
  • Pilot teaching/operation.
  • Establish Material Engineering Service Office (MESO) with stakeholders support.