Academic Content

 11 Core Curricula

  • Basics of material science incl. fatigue behavior (BA)
  • Computational thermodynamics in materials design (MA)
  • Surfacing techniques (MA)
  • CAD-CAM - CAE Siemens NX (BA/MA)
  • Technologies and applications of Superconductive materials (MA)
  • Microstructure investigation techniques (MA)
  • Damage and reliability of materials (MA)
  • Metallurgy, corrosion and surface treatment
  • Polymer Composites (BA/MA) or Materials from Renewable Sources (BA/MA)
  • Nano materials Technologies (BA/MA)
  • Strengthening technologies of materials treatment (MA)

3 Transferrable Curricula

  • Effective communication with groups, presentation techniques (BA/MA)
  • Survival in Labor Market (carrier managing) (BA/MA)
  • Project management (business planning, funding, marketing, performance) (BA/MA)